2016 - Events Programme to date.........

  Monday 18th April; EASTER MONDAY WALK
     A walk arranged by Robin Nicol on the canal at Dymock.   Nothing too strenuous! And no charge!

  Saturday 30th April @ 11.00am VILLAGE TIDY
     A bit of Spring-clean for the village. An hour or two of community activity ending with a gathering in The Black Swan.
     Nothing too physical but a tidier village at the end of it.  
        Many thanks to Alan, Colin, Fiona, Gill, Janet, Lorna, Meryl, Ray and Alan for doing a splendid job;
        we got a trailer full!

  Sunday 12th June at 2pm; 90th Birthday Celebration for Queen Elizabeth II
     This is a joint venture with the Two Views Residents Association as we are jointly arranging a Village Picnic on the
     Pool Meadow Green.   Bring your own drinks and glasses;   Click here for more details

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