Local History Group for Much Dewchurch

    Architecture and Buildings - there is a great variety of architectural styles within the parish from the grand and majestic - The Mynde and Bryngwyn, to the ancient - The Black Swan, St David's church and Church Farm house, to the functional - Pool Farm barns.

    Articles of local interest - curently a series of articles from the Parish Magazine from the 1980's, but "ripe" to be extended !

    Data - it would be great to collect as much data from as many sources as possible to complete the story of Much Dewchurch, from pre-Saxon settlement to modern village. This can be from census data, maps and documents, press cuttings and oral history.

    Landscape - again an attractive variety taking in the hills in the south of the parish towards Saddlebow, the woodland around The Mynde, the rolling arable areas in the west of the parish, and the Worm brook. It would also be good to record the advances in agricultural practice over the years, with the demise of hedgerows and the mechanisation  of much of the working of the land.

    People  - we have been blessed with some fine characters within the parish:-


    Sir James Rankin Bt from Bryngwyn, MP - landowner of major benefactor within Herefordshire;          
    it was Sir James who contributed most of the funds to establish Hereford Library and Museumon Broad Street in Hereford. 

      The Symons families and the Pye families who have lived at The Mynde over the years.

    Photographs - pictures tell a wonderful story - giving views of landscape, buildings, people and activities that are not evident today. The aerial photograph of Much Dewchurch taken in about 1959 gives an idea of how quickly things can change.

    Religion - we are also fortunate to have a fine architectural gem in the village in St David's church - do come and have a look at the fine memorials to various Pye's, Rankins and Symons as well as the fine stained glass windows, Jacobean pulpit and a very well maintained churchyard....       (many thanks to the Merry Mowers!)

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